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Welcome to Technos HO Memorial Hall!

This Memorial Hall is designed and built for the purpose of exhibiting product line-up of Technos Japan Co., Ltd.
and as a training facility for its staffs.

 Hidenori Onishi, founder of Technos Japan Co., Ltd.,(=TJ) has been introducing quite unique products, unseen
 in the world, from time to time since the year TJ established
 in 1993. He could do so with his very special development-capabilities supported by his rare creativeness and
 astounding speed. These products have been supplied to every corner of Japan as well as to the world.
The products Mr. Onishi created are again so unique, not having been seen in Japan nor in the world, and are
very specialized for assisting "socially weak people" (like heavily-handicapped or elderly dementia people).
You will see, in its Show Room, all the products, developed from past to present, aligned in accordance with
its created year.
 TJ's products, created till now, are now counted as more than 100 and some are defined as " Only one in the
 world". Some others are ranked as top-share products in Japan with TJ name as top-manufacturer.

 Mr. Onishi also made his best efforts in obtaining intellectual property rights, like "patent", in line with product
 developments since founding TJ. The number applied in this field are more than 100 and a part of these are
 exhibited in Memorial Hall.

 Mr. Onishi has devoted himself into painting pictures, one of his most favorite habits, usually in mid-night, amid
 die-hard busy "product development and company management" activities in the day time.
More than 80 pictures are now born and a part of them are also shown on the occasion of completion of Memorial Hall.
Mr. Onishi has learned how to paint pictures solely by himself, never learned through any third party. He will be
more than happy if any visitor to Memorial Hall feels very special sensitivities of his own alike towards every
happenings in the vast universe to in every daily life.
                                         Technos HO KINENKAN  
                                         Director  Kana Nakanishi 

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